Why use Streamlike, in 10 bullet points

Media are your company’s digital assets.

You must maintain control over these assets and valorize them.

Why use Streamlike, in 10 points :

1) gather all your media on a single platform to better organize and find them
2) reduce the load on your internal network, even during live broadcasts
3) take advantage of a very complete toolbox to quickly create the application you need
4) ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive videos and define rights levels for your users
5) integrate video into existing business applications connected to the corporate directory
6) allow your employees to create and share videos internally that will remain the property of the company
7) understand your audience with clear and powerful analytics
8) host your data in Europe and respect the RGPD
9) practice environmentally sustainable IT with eco-designed tools, digital sobriety rules and carbon neutral streaming
10) get advice and support from our experts

: 24/01/2022
: 18

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